How ResortLock Works

1. No Cables, No Internet Connections

Here is how ResortLock DOES NOT work. The lock never has to be connected directly to a computer nor do you have to connect the lock to the internet.

2. It's What Inside That Counts

Inside the ResortLock is a computer chip that runs a complex algorithm. This algorithm is able to to compute what the code should be during any given time period. One way to think of it is that the lock is pre-loaded with codes.

For example, if you wanted to give your guest access to your property from Friday at 2:00pm to Sunday at 12:00pm, your lock would already know that the code should be, say, 1234567890. Now you just need something that will tell you (and only you) what your lock already knows…

3. Software Knows What The Lock Is Thinking

It’s Not ESP… The ResortLock scheduling software contains the exact same algorithm that the lock’s computer chip has. So essentially. your computer will know what your lock is thinking because they were both “pre-configured” to make the same computations and, as a result, come up with the same codes.

When you first set up your lock and software, you will synchronize your software to the lock. This is done by entering the lock’s unique serial number into the scheduling software. This needs to be done because the lock’s computer uses its serial number as part of the code calculation equation. By entering the lock’s serial number into the scheduling software, the software will now be making the same unique calculations and come up with the exact same codes.

Now all you have to do is enter the start date and time along with the ending date and time you want to give access for. The software will then generate a code that will work only for the duration you specified. When that code is entered into the lock, the computer within the lock will know if the code entered is valid at that particular time. Simple eh?

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