What ResortLock Can Do For You

ResortLock is the unique solution for rental property, business, & home owners alike aimed at giving you more control over your property than ever before. The ResortLock allows property owners to provide their guests with temporary access codes that start and end when you want, so guests can’t enter your property one minute before or after you want. Not only does ResortLock provide more control than any other lock on the market, it’s the lowest cost remote management lock solution available and has no monthly fees. Learn what ResortLock can do for you…

Property Management Made Easy

Reduce Security Risks & Liability

  • No Permanent Keys or Codes – keys pose a liability because you never know how many are floating around out there. Permanent codes can also be a liability… will your renters access your property at a later time? Did they give the code to anyone else? Eliminate the liability by providing temporary codes that can no longer be used after they expire.
  • Audit Trail – know who is accessing your property and when. Know for sure when cleaning people or contractors are showing up. ResortLock records the date, time and code used for up to 4000 individual events.

Reduce the Hassle & Save Time

  • No Keys or Cards – you’ll never have to send keys to renters again. Nor will your renters have to go to the management company to pick up the keys before arriving at your property. Simply generate a temporary access code with a start and end date and time then provide to your guest.
  • No Need to Change Codes or Keys – Temporary access codes solve the problem of having to change codes every few months. Once the codes expire, they can never be used again.
  • No More Lockouts – If you renter loses their key and gets locked out, that is a problem. If they lose their code, no problem. Simply issue them another code via your Lock Management software and give them a new temporary code within minutes.

Take Control of Your Property

  • You Control Access – Is your property being booked and accessed without your knowledge? With ResortLock, you can cut out the middle man and provide access to your guests directly.
  • Set Access Times – your renter can’t enter your property a minute before or after you specify. Once temporary access codes expire, they can never be used again.

ResortLock Features

Temporary Access Codes

ResortLock allows you to grant temporary access to your rental property remotely, even if you are in another state. Utilizing free access to our code generation website, simply enter the day & time you want to start giving access and the end time. Your guest won’t be able to enter your property one minute before or after the times you specify. The lock can also provide selective access to not only your guests, but also maintenance, housekeepers, and contractors. Whether you are a management company or an individual owner that has a vacation rental you can rest assured that only authorized individuals gain access, and only when you want them to.

Audit Trail

Need to know who is accessing your property and when? Audit Trail allows you to do just that. Know for sure if your maintenance or cleaning people are showing up. Through the Lock Management software, you can assign guest, employee, or contractors names to every code and ibutton you provide. Via the progamming key, you can then download access information from the lock and view on your computer.

Scheduled Access

  • Time Shift Scheduling – Program and assign Shift Schedules to multiple codes or ibuttons.
  • Lock Operation Scheduling – Program a schedule of operation for your lock, enabling you to leave your lock open during certain times of the day (business hours) or automatically switch between passage & code-entry mode.

Unbeatable Value

  • No monthly fees
  • More control with features like scheduled access, audit trail and variable check in & out times
  • Up to 800 user codes & 4000 audit trail events
  • Set times for lock to Auto Lock/Unlock daily (must be the same for all 7 days of the week).
  • Issue one-time use codes for contractors, cleaners, etc.
  • Daylight savings mode to adjust for daylight savings time
  • One touch lock to quickly lock door once inside
  • Lockout functionality

Using the ResortLock

Want to get a better idea of how you use the ResortLock? Click here for more details.

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